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This directory contains miscellaneous imake documentation, utilities, and configuration files.

A related archive contains information associated with the O'Reilly imake book. If you need imake itself, get the itools distribution from that archive.

Using imake with the X Window System

Configuration Management in the X Window System, Jim Fulton's USENIX paper on imake. This paper was part of the X11R4 contrib distribution.
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Using Imake to Configure the X Window System Version 11, Release 4, by Paul DuBois.
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This document has an appendix:
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You might also want to get a copy of the X11R4 configuration files, if you don't have them, to read along with the paper.

X11R6.3 was released on December 23, 1996. I've written up some notes containing my observations on the R6.3 configuration support; these notes are available in HTML or PostScript format. I would appreciate any comments.
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kbird Configuration Files


imboot is a general-purpose imake bootstrapper that can be used to select from among an arbitrary number of sets of configuration files. It can be used to avoiding having multiple bootstrappers around. It also can be used when you have an extensible configuration file architecture that allows you to used publicly-installed configuration files whose contents can be selectively overridden with private files located within your project. imboot comes in sh or Perl versions. (The versions are equivalent, but the Perl version can be used on systems such as Windows NT that do not have sh.)

msub is a utility that reads a template and a Makefile, and replaces variable references in the template the their values as defined in the Makefile to produce a properly parameterized output file. msub is a C program. It runs under UNIX or Windows NT.

imdent reads a C/cpp input file and adds indentation to cpp directives according to the #if/#ifdef/#ifndef level. This helps you see the nested structure of your directives. imdent is a perl script.

list-irules reads an imake rules file (e.g., Imake.rules, Motif.rules) and produces a list of the rules that are defined in that file. The output can be used to construct a comment at the beginning of the file that people can look at for a quick summary of the file's contents. list-irules is a perl script.

OpenWindows Support

Using imake With OpenWindows, by Paul DuBois, describes how to get imake to work on OpenWindows systems if you're having trouble with it. There is also an accompanying software distribution that contains fixed utilities and configuration file patches. The paper is available in HTML, PDF, PostScript, or plain text. The software distribution is available as a gzip'ed or compress'ed tar file.

Motif Support

Using imake With Motif, by Paul DuBois, discusses use of imake to configure Motif 2.0. The paper is available in HTML, PDF, PostScript, or plain text.

The motif-support distribution that accompanies the paper contains modified Imakefiles and configuration files, and narrative accounts of building Motif 2.0 on various systems. The distribution is currently at version 1.00 and is available as a gzip'ed or compress'ed tar file.


The imake Frequently Asked Questions list is available in HTML, PDF, PostScript, or plain text.

The Minotaur passage, a short excerpt from the first edition of the imake book. Describes two instances of intertwining between the system and project sections of the X11R5 configuration files. (Both have been untangled as of R6.) Available in PDF or PostScript format.

Why not use Imake instead of configure scripts? is a short section taken from the GNU Autoconf manual. It explains why the Autoconf people prefer autoconf to imake. That section is available here in HTML or plain text formats.

Vendor-Specific Information

Information about running imake on specific systems (including non-UNIX systems) is available here.


Old distributions

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