OS-Specific imake Information

This page contains pointers to sources of information about using imake on various (mostly non-UNIX) systems. The ones I know about are listed below. If you know of others, please let me know. You can reach me using the address at the end of this document.

If you know of other useful stuff, please let me know at the address below.

Systems Covered:


An AmigaOS port of imake is available:

I originally found these by looking in the /util/gnu directory of one of the Aminet mirror sites .


Digital makes an OpenVMS Freeware CD available online, which includes an implementation of imake:

I originally found these at Digital's site:

gmake has been ported to VMS, as described in this Usenet article from comp.os.vms.


An OS/2 port of XFree86 has been done which includes imake and the X11R6 configuration files.

I originally found these by following the distribution links at the OS/2 port site .


Apple and OSF have released MkLinux, a port of Linux for NuBus-based Power Macintosh systems. The MkLinux distribution is available on Apple's Web site, as is a distribution of X11R6. imake and related tools are part of that X11R6 distribution, or you can get the following parts of it below:

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