TransSkel -- A Macintosh Application Development Framework

All the stuff below the line is old. However, Ingemar Ragnemalm has been maintaining TransSkel. Here are some notes from him about it:

The first Carbon version is here:

It is a bit outdated now, but useable for CodeWarrior users.

Much more modern is the version included here:

TransSkel is an framework for Macintosh application development. It consists of a library that you drop into Metrowerks or Symantec projects. The library runs the event loop. You can create windows and menus and register them with TransSkel to have events routed to them automatically. This eliminates the need to code most of the repetitive stuff that has to be done for every event-oriented Macintosh application.

The current release of TransSkel is 3.26, which compiles under Symantec C++ 7 or 8, or Metrowerks CodeWarrior 10 or 11:

If you have CodeWarrior 9, it might be better to get TransSkel 3.25, which is essentially the same as 3.26 but has projects that CW 9 can open:

TransDisplay and TransEdit are TransSkel modules that provide an easy way to use display-only or editable windows in your applications.

Projects for Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6. You may find these useful if you're trying to use the current distributions, but don't have CodeWarrior 7, 8, 9, or 10:

The following releases are the last to contain THINK Pascal support:

Other Versions

Some old Release 2 distributions:

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Last updated: 2008-07-12