troffcvt: troff-to-XXX Conversion Software

General Information

troffcvt is a translator that turns troff input into a form that can be more easily processed. The troffcvt distribution comes with postprocessors that turn troffcvt into various destination formats such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), RTF (Rich Text Format) or plain text.

The current release is 1.04.

The major additions for the 1.04 release are:

Getting the Distribution


The troffcvt general documents and manual pages are available in PostScript, HTML, plain text, and RTF format. PostScript documents were generatd using gtbl and groff; the others were generated using tblcvt and various troffcvt translators.

General Documentation

Manual Pages

Other Documentation

As an example to demonstrate how well (or poorly) tblcvt and tc2html work, I've run the tables from tbl manual through these programs, and you can see the result here. An HTML version of the entire tbl manual is available as well.

The tbl manual ("Tbl - A Program to Format Tables," by M. E. Lesk) is available in the original troff source, PostScript, or HTML. If you grab the troff source, it can be formatted like this:

    % gtbl tbl | geqn | groff -ms >

The HTML version could stand some touching up; it was run through tblcvt and tc2html with no attempt to make the output prettier than what you get with no manual intervention.

Document written by: Paul DuBois, paul @
Last updated: 2001-01-13