Web Tools

This directory contains a small collection of Web tools.

menu2index is a tool for converting gn menu files to wn index files.

wnhits produces a concise listing of how many times documents in your web tree have been accessed. I use it for wn server logs, but it should work with any log file written in Common Log Format.

htmlskel generates a simple skeleton HTML page. It's useful for beginning new pages from scratch.

websig generates a signature for an HTML page. It generates the signature using a default format, but if that is unsuitable, you can control the output using a configuration file.

hm-patches contains patches to correct some problems in the hypermail (version 1.02) program. If you have other patches, please let me know at the address below.

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Document written by: Paul DuBois, paul @ snake.net
Last updated: 2001-01-13